Institute of Computer Engineering and Microelectronics
Technische Universitšt Berlin
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(Technische Informatik und Mikroelektronik)

Groups of the Institute of Computer Engineering and Microelectronics:
     Theoretical Electrical Engineering   (TET)   Prof. H. Henke
     Microelectronics   (ME)   Prof. H. Klar
Prof. O. Manck
     Processor Technology   (RT)   Prof. H.-U. Post
     Architecture of Embedded Systems   (ROSW)   Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Tutsch
     Real-Time Data Processing and Robotics   (PDV)   Prof. A. Zimmermann
     Computer Graphics   (CG)   Prof. H. Lemke
     Computer Vision   (CV)   Prof. Dr.-Ing. Olaf Hellwich

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